The Retreat
Restore, Relax, Enrich

Discover “The Retreat” with holistic remedies for body and mind, in a therapeutic setting that quietly soothes. All wellness-inspired amenities and facilities at Beyond Resort & Residences are managed by Columbia Hotels & Resorts as a private Clubhouse Retreat; and are focused on the residents, who are Clubhouse members, and their families and guests.



The Spa

Our profoundly nurturing spa guides residents in their desire to rejuvenate, re-energise, and release.

Using the restorative power of curative and preventive remedies, our expert therapists apply a bespoke blend of traditional techniques and innovative treatments.

Yoga & Meditation

At the seafront yoga pavilion, beneath the Mediterranean sun, the opportunity to exhale is invaluable. A dedication to mental restoration and relaxation.

The ReFuel Clinic

A superfood clinic that harmonises nature’s delicious produce with scientifically analysed supplements, offering a pioneering dining experience designed to improve the functions of body and mind.

Picked straight from the Organic gardens of Beyond resort – deliver fresh produce to brighten your day and keep you healthy.


The Gym

We inspire you to become the best version of yourself and celebrate every milestone along the way. Beyond’s approach to fitness is holistic, in structured classes from world experts.

The Tennis Club

Whether training or casual play, for amateurs and masters alike, Beyond’s Tennis courts beckon. The Tennis Club offers the opportunity to play on brand new, state-of-the-art courts with breathtaking views.

Style & Beauty

Whether you are after a blow-dry, beard trim or the perfect hair fill, The Retreat’s barbershop and hair salon will leave you looking sharp. 

Health starts at Home

Now more than ever, people are focused on healthier living. Better nutrition, more frequent exercise, and a desire for wellness are increasingly important. Naturally, this focus extends to home, because where we live is also where we unwind, connect, work and raise a family.

That is why we are committed to create new homes that help promote your health and well-being. 

The pursuit of happiness and health

Our Concierge services feature access to a Wellness Coach to ensure residents can tap into our highly curated collaborations with thought-leaders on this modern form of holisticism and bring our residents, the inspiration and guidance, they need to reveal the best version of themselves.

Impeccable services and thoughtfully curated amenities bring focus and attention to the experience of living in the moment.

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